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לתכנון מסלול אוטומטי לטיול שלכם, מומלץ להוריד ולהשתמש באפליקצית TRIPLAN.

האפליקציה הראשונה והיחידה שבונה מסלולי טיול באופן אוטומטי ובהתאם להעדפותיכם!

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Triplan was founded in 2018 in Tel Aviv to provide the best tourists experience, by planning and managing tours. The Triplan app provides automatic full travel itineraries based on personalized system - recommendations for attractions, activities and restaurants, and updates them on the go, in real time.Triplan emerged from travelers' frustration of not knowing where to go and what to do at their destination. Many of us struggle to cope with the enormous amount of information available, while others do not have the time or patience to invest in planning.With the rising number of tourists, the co-founders of Triplan decided to develop a solution that will allow anyone to maximize the experience in destination in the travelled destination simply and easily.




  • International business experience

  • Business development and project management

  • Experienced traveler and tour guide

Triplan uses its generic geospatial intelligence platform to provide travelers with customized daily itineraries in more than 3,000 urban travel destinations. This has been made easy thanks to Triplan's unique machine-learning technology.Knowing where tourists tend to go and when, enables us to add in addition to the suggested daily routes - our insights layer (the most relevant activities at the best price). Together, we created THE smart marketplace for tours & activities.To make our service possible we have created a team of professionals with background in tech, travel, design and user experience. Our team works hard to ensure that our users have a travel experience that is: simple, easy and enjoyable from beginning to end.



  • Scalable algorithm developer

  • Development of tracking algorithms, fusion and classification

  • Real-time system development

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